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14 October 2021 12:30 -18:00 (CET) ONLINE

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One afternoon,
5 sessions, 3 tracks

The EACD Summit 2021 took place online.
Top communication leaders and cross-industry experts from across Europe and beyond discussed about the changes in our profession as well as our contribution to a changing context; a world in which businesses, governments, NGOs and activist organisations are increasingly finding common agenda’s. The future is now! 


At this year's summit we explored some of the fundamental drivers of change to our profession, role and responsibilities as communicators: The impact of technology, the increasingly polarised and politicized public debate and the need for businesses to have a higher purpose, than just being commercially and financially successful. We did this through engaging discussions with key experts and thought leaders from our own and related fields and by facilitating virtual networking sessions for attendees to reflect, discuss and make new contacts.    

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Sponsor one of the tracks and get exposed to over 9000 communication professionals across Europe and beyond.


At the Crossroads: Civil Society vs. Social Media


Join us in conversation with Brandon Borrman, former Vice President of Global Communications at Twitter (currently Communication Advisor to the Franklin Project) as we explore takeaways from his experience at Twitter as well as his insights into what’s on the communication horizon for all of us. 

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Parallel Tracks

 You can choose these topics with three sessions each.  


The collision of ESG with the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game and raised the stakes for crisis communicators.

In a world of permanent scrutiny and polarised debate, crisis communication experts share their experiences and best practice guidance on managing reputation risk in troubled times.


Technology is a major force of change across all sectors and all parts of life. How does it impact communications, how do we stay on top of the developments and how do we exploit the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls?


Consumers’ and society’s expectations of businesses and brands have changed. They expect companies and brands to work with organisations and individuals to help solve the big challenges of today and the future. How do you stay energised in a world where what you do may never be enough? 


  • Katehartleyspeaker
    Kate Hartley
    Co-founder of Polpeo
  • Torod Neptune
    Torod Neptune
    Senior Vice President at Medtronic
  • Marshall manson  EACD Summit
    Marshall Manson
    Partner at Brunswick Group
  • Kate Nicholls
    Kate Nicholls
    CEO at Ukhospitality
  • Jason hansen speaker
    Jason Hansen
    Chief Of Staff, Webex Devices at Cisco
  • Marie audren speakercrisis
    Marie Audren
    Director General at HOTREC
  • Img 20210929 wa0008
    Dr. Alexander Buhmann
    Associate Professor of Corporate Communication at BI Norwegian Business School
  • Ashish Babu
    Ashish Babu
    CMO for Tata Consultancy
  • Mike Klein
    Mike Klein
    Founder of #WeLeadComms
  • Rodcartwrightspeakerchaircrisis2
    Rod Cartwright
    Founder of Rod Cartwright Consulting
  • Charlottespeakerlinkedin
    Charlotte West
    Head of Global Corporate Communications at Lenovo
  • Abf191003 0093
    Marielle Harsveldt
    Head of Global Internal Communications at Aegon
  • Simonaraduspeakerdigital
    Simona Radu
    Head of Global Marketing Communications at Schneider Electric
  • Unnkvendsenthspeakerdigital
    Unn Kvendseth
    Head of Internal Communications & Engagement at Shell
  • eacdsummit2021
    Ryan O’Keeffe
    Managing Director at BlackRock
  • eacdsummit2021
    Christina Adane
    BBC 100 Women of 2020 and Intersectional Youth Campaigner, BiteBack2030
  • eacdsummit2021
    Fiona Eastwood
    Chief Operating Officer, Midway at Merlin Entertainments
  • Eacdsummit2021
    Malcolm Shearmur
    Group Head of Media Relations & Editorial at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
  • Joosbornspeaker
    Jo Osborn
    Head of Communications & Corporate Brand at Reckitt
  • Sonia ruiz maz
    Sonia Ruiz
    CEO and Founder at NOIMA
  • Kate levine headshot
    Kate Levine
    Founder at Kate Levine Consulting
  • eacdsummit2021
    Barry Johnston
    COO and Founding Partner at Purpose Union
  • eacdsummit2021
    Brandon Borrman
    Senior Communications Advisor at the Franklin Project
  • Profile picture
    Laura Castellano
    Strategic Partnerships Program Lead and Integrated Campaign Manager at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
  • Ruth allchurch
    Ruth Allchurch
    UK Managing Director at WE Communications
  • Intel18th00313small1
    Fran Ashcroft
    Senior Director, International Communications at Intel
  • Guido stein
    Guido Stein
    Director Customer Strategy and Brand at Vattenfall
  • Marian salzman portrait 125[2]
    Marian Salzman
    Senior Vice President of Global Communications at Phillip Morris International


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About the EACD

The European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) is Europe’s largest and best- known network for senior communication leaders to meet, share insights and influence the direction of the communications discipline. Its members can be found throughout Europe, with smaller groups also active in the Middle East, the US and Asia. Our aim is to attract, inspire and engage current and future communication leaders to drive excellence in our profession.


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To recognize and celebrate those who make a substantial contribution to the advancement of our profession and its place in society, the EACD annually will bestow three awards to those that represent the best that communication professionals offer the world: the Young Communicator Award, Leaders and Legends Award, and the Unifier Award.
The Call for Award Submissions will officially be made at the Summit in October, including more details about how to enter, closing date, and awards announcement timeline


  • What is a Virtual Summit?

    Virtual summits are video interviews of experts on a given topic which viewers opt-in to watch and interact.

    It will be a half day summit with 2 general sessions (opening keynote and closing panel) and 3 tracks with 3 sessions each. You can choose which track of each session: Crisis Communication, Digital Communication and Sustainable Development Goals.

  • How do I login on the day of the event?

    When you have bought the ticket, you will receive an invitation by the platform Airmeet.

  • I am having audio/video issues, what should I do?

    • Ensure the volume on your laptop/computer is turned up
    • If wearing a headset, ensure the headset is not muted
    • Ensure that your browser is not muted by right-clicking your viewing tab within the browser
    • If you are having trouble viewing the content or the presentation screen is black, your VPN could be blocking connecting to our conference servers, try disconnecting from VPN and refreshing your browser
    • For additional help, the platform Airmeet provides a support team for any troubleshooting before and during the Summit.
  • What kind of technical set up do I need to follow the summit?

    The tools you already use; an internet connection, a desktop or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and - if you wish, your headphones.

    We recommend the Chrome browser to access the content. You can download it for free.

    The Virtual Summit will be organized through the platform Airmeet.

  • Will the sessions be available after the conference has ended?

    Yes, this Summit doesn´t only give you the opportunity to network, but also a year long access to its content.

  • How can I connect with the speakers?

    There are several ways to interact with the speakers during the sessions and panel discussions:

    • You can grab the microphone and ask away
    • There is an interactive live chat.
    • Express your emotions by emojis.
    • Live polls

    You can meet and greet with the speakers in the virtual lounge area or you can set up an one-to-one speed meeting.

The European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) is Europe’s largest and best- known network for senior communication leaders to meet, share insights and influence the direction of the communications discipline. Its members can be found throughout Europe, with smaller groups also active in the Middle East, the US and Asia. Our aim is to attract, inspire and engage current and future communication leaders to drive excellence in our profession.
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